Wills and Chaney's Wedding at Westglow Resort and Spa and The Blowing Rock Country Club

Wills and Chaney’s wedding was nothing short of spectacular. Guests enjoyed a 5 star Rehearsal Dinner under a beautiful Sperry Tent on the lawn of Westglow Resort and Spa in Blowing Rock NC with live music from Tellico, one of our favorite local bands.

On the wedding day, the ceremony was also held on the lawn at Westglow and then guests were shuttled to the Blowing Rock Country Club where they danced the night away to the rocking tunes of Sleeping Booty.

Florals by Millefleurs were out of this world and Almond Leaf Photography captured the day with grace and elegance. We were truly honored to be a part of this stellar team of vendors.

Westglow Resort and Spa in Blowing Rock NC

Westglow Resort and Spa in Blowing Rock NC

Local Vendors

Planning and Coordination - The Whole Shebang, Rehearsal Dinner and Ceremony Venue - Westglow Resort and Spa, Reception Venue - Blowing Rock Country Club, Photography - Almond Leaf Studios, Rehearsal Dinner Band - Tellico, Ceremony Musicians - Bella Musica, Reception Music - Sleeping Booty/East Coast Entertainment, Rentals, Sperry Tents, Chair and Equipment Rentals, Transportation - Air Haven Limo, Hair and Makeup - Sharla Bance Makeup Artistry/Haircut 101, Flowers - Millefleurs, Cake - Blowing Rock Country Club, Ceremony Sound - Haynes Event Productions, Decorative Trees - The Mustard Seed Market, Grooms Cake - Ugga Mugga Bakery, Photobooth - Tin Can Event Co.

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Why You Don't Need a Day-Of Coordinator

Overlook Barn weddings

There’s a lot of BUZZ in the Wedding Industry about a the misuse of the term “Day-of Planning”. Honestly probably 6 out of 10 wedding inquiries we receive are asking for Day-of services.

But here’s the truth - there is simply no way any Wedding Planner in her right mind would convince you to only work with them for one day only. One day isn't enough!

As a Planner, it's my nature to be helpful. I want to help you be the very best host or hostess to your guests on your wedding day. I want you to have a super fun filled relaxing day that you will actually remember...because you won't be worrying about things like,

"Oh, I think I forgot to tell my day-of coordinator about the mariachi band that's coming at the end of the night."

What I offer my clients is Wedding Management. The most amazing benefit of Wedding Management is that I offer you unlimited email correspondence with me from the day you book. That way, if you have a question, or you want to book a mariachi band to close out the night, you can ask me those questions as they occur to you...and not at 4 weeks before your wedding day - That’s is when most "day-of" coordinators start communicating with you, and by then, it's too late!

There are many, many more benefits to Wedding Management that I couldn't possibly list, but I would love to tell you more in person! You can click here to schedule a time to chat with me.

I can't wait to hear all about your wedding and how we can work together!

Wedding Management by The Whole Shebang

Kara and Zane's Wedding at Blue Ridge Mountain Club

Kara and Zane had the perfect weather to complement the perfect day. Storms threatened all afternoon but managed to hold off leaving behind a cool summer breeze. Blue Ridge Mountain Club has it's own special kind of charm and was the perfect fit for Kara's easy breezy beautiful style. Kara and Zane are locals so we got to spend a good bit of time getting to know them throughout past year. We had the best time assembling a rock star team of local vendors to carry out Kara's vision to a T! 

Loving this arbor from Edenhouse Florist!!!

Loving this arbor from Edenhouse Florist!!!

Vendor Love

Planning and Coordination - Meris Gantt - The Whole Shebang, Venue - Blue Ridge Mountain Club, Caterer - Reids, Cake - Hallmark Cakes, Hair and Makeup - Canvas Beauty Bar, Photography - Rob + Kristen Photography, Florals - Edenhouse Florist, Rentals - Chair and Equipment Rentals, Music - Carolina DJ, Rehearsal Dinner - Boone Golf Club

A perfect summer's day in the mountains!

A perfect summer's day in the mountains!

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The Whole Shebang Events behind the scenes - Sarah and Zach's NC mountain wedding

Sarah and Zach’s wedding at Overlook Barn was one of the most exciting weddings we’ve ever had the chance to be a part of. I’ll be following up with a full blog as well but Rob + Kristen Photography captured so many great detail and behind the scenes photos, I wanted to share those in a separate post!

Local Vendors

Planning and Coordinating – The Whole Shebang, Photography – Rob + Kristen Photography, Boone Photo Booth, Floral Design – Fuschia Moss Floral Design, Catering and Cake – The Gamekeeper, Venue – Overlook Barn, Rentals – Miss Match Rentals, Happy Trailers Refrigerator Rentals, Classic Event Rentals, Boone Rent All, Makeup – Sharla Bance Makeup ArtistryHair – Shear Shakti, Taylor Smith, Reception Music –  Ascention (East Coast Entertainment), Ceremony Music – Bella Musica, Officiant – High Country Ministers, Transportation – Air Haven Limo, Signage – Hello Margaux

10 of the Most Forgotten Wedding Items - NC Mountain Weddings

Wedding season is upon us and it’s a good time to take note of the little things that sometimes get forgotten in the wake of the Big Day. Here’s a list of what we see couples forget most!

1 – Reserved Signs for ceremony or dinner seating

2 – Pens for the Guest Book

3 – A box or something to put cards in

4 – Cake Cutting Set

5 – Invitation Suite to be photographed – be sure to have anything that you would like the photographer to get detailed shots of set aside for them when they arrive.

6 – Cake Flowers – If you don’t specifically order flowers to decorate your cake or desert table, there may not be any extra.

7 – Same with petals for a Flower Girl Basket

8 – Vases to put bouquets in when you’re done with them – If you’re planning on repourposing your bouquets after photos, let your florist know that you would like for them to leave some decorative vases.

9 – Sweetheart Table/Head Table/Seating Arrangements – Be sure you know where you are going to sit for dinner!

10 – Checkbook and Cash for Tips! Not all vendors can take a credit card payment the day of your wedding.

Happy Planning!!!

The Whole Shebang Events and Friends Behind the Scenes

We always strive to stay out of the way of wedding photos but sometimes the photographers catch us in action. Here’s some fun random shots from the past couple of years. Disclaimer: Any photos where I’m double fisting drinks, I’m holding them for the bride and groom : )

Photographers – Christine Kennedy, Joy Davis Photography, Paul Whorton, The Wayfaring Wanderer,  Hartman Outdoor Photography, Boonetown Story, Revival Photography, Jennie Andrews

Amy John Wedding-Reception-0001
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Katelyn Seth s Adventure-0547
Katelyn Seth s Adventure-0621

Wedding Planning in the NC Mountains…Things I’ve learned along the way.


It’s bittersweet every year. The wedding season has drawn to a close and now is the time for me to reflect on all of the amazing events from this past year. One of the things I like most about event planning is that you truly learn something new every day. We are always moving forward, improving and innovating. On top of that, it’s an ever evolving industry and being on the cutting edge of new trends is important. Here are some of my most recent candid, unedited musings in no particular order….

-A comfortable and well informed guest is a happy guest.

-Don’t skimp on food and alcohol.

-Give parents the courtesy of asking their opinion. Even if you decide not to take their advice, it’s nice to be asked…

-Champagne toasts are overrated…

-Even if you aren’t reserving seats for your guests, be sure to have a few reserved for family and the wedding party.

-Plan to be behind and pad your wedding day timeline so that it’s ok. Everything takes longer than you think and the last thing you want is to feel rushed.

-Have a rock solid bad weather plan.

-Anything you haven’t DIY’d 2 weeks prior to your wedding, scrap it.

-Be cautious when assigning friends and family jobs. If you do assign loved ones tasks, be specific about what is expected of them.

-Don’t drink too much the night before your wedding. You will most assuredly regret it.

-Leave your hair and makeup to professionals and be sure to do a trial run before your wedding day.

-Don’t “pre-game” with champagne while you’re getting ready. If you’re going to have a dressing drink, opt for liquor. It’s less likely to give you a headache.

-Don’t skimp on photography. It’s all you have once all is said and done.

-Pretend your budget is 20% lower than it actually is. It’s the only way to truly stay within your budget. The last minute expenses really creep up and you don’t want to be stressed about money on your wedding day.

-Invitations are the last thing you want to DIY.

-Don’t let your guest list creep up higher than your budget or venue size will allow.

-Everyone will be late to the rehearsal. Tell them to be there 30 minutes before they actually need to be there.

-Your guests will not RSVP by the due date. Expect to be making phone calls.

-No matter how much you plan, you will still have stress dreams the month of your wedding. It’s normal…breathe and remember what’s really important.

-Tell your venue/bartender “no shots” even if you’re having an open bar.

-Don’t save the top of your cake. Who has room in the freezer. Have your baker make a mock up of your wedding cake for you first anniversary…Unless you’re superstitions and then by all means, save the top of your cake.

-Wear comfortable shoes…or at least have a pair to change into after the first dances.

-Nix sparklers if your guests are out of control. It’s just dangerous. Singed hair on your wedding night is not a happy ending.

-Make sure your shuttle service is flexible and have a point person for them to come to at the end of the night so that no one gets left behind.

-Don’t micromanage your florist. They know what they are doing. Assuming you hired a good one.

-Don’t hire a crappy DJ. You will regret it.

-Don’t put your cake outside…bugs, weather etc…just don’t.

-Make sure someone knows how to bustle your dress. It’s a good idea to take a video of your seamstress doing a tutorial.

-Don’t be afraid to tell your stylist if you don’t like your hair or makeup trial run. Nothing is worse than feeling like you don’t look your best on your bid day.

-Roll with it, have a sense of humor, do what needs to be done in the moment and don’t look back. The little mess ups, mix ups and oopses are what make your wedding a real wedding and not a styled shoot. Believe me, you will look back and laugh at all of the little things once the weight of the “Big Day” is off of your shoulders because guess what…You just married the love of your life and that’s something to celebrate!!!

What Your Wedding Band or DJ Need From You!

Your band and DJ aren’t mind readers and everyone has different taste in music so it’s so so important to communicate your wants and needs to your Wedding Band or DJ way in advance in order for your day to run smoothly.

1 – Songs that you definitely want to hear as well as songs you definitely do not want to hear.

2 – Your 1st dances as well as a song for the announcement of the wedding party and or Bride and Groom. Choosing a last dance is always fun as well.

3 – Give a band ample time to learn any songs that you would like played that are not already in their repertoire.

4 – Venue approval – Be sure that your venue meets all of the electrical, space and load in requirements that the band may need. Also make note of any other special things in their rider such as food/water/beverages/changing room/accommodations etc.

5 – Whether you are opening up the floor for toasts at all. If you don’t want random groomsmen and aunts and uncles taking stage to “say a little something” let the band or DJ know and they will handle it so you don’t have to!

6 – Be sure to provide them with a detailed timeline of what the evening will look like, making note of cake cutting/1st dances/bouquet and garter etc. Be sure to work it out beforehand if you would like for them to act as a Master of Ceremonies and make announcements.

7 – Decide what music will be played during breaks. Will they just use their judgement and decide on a mix or will you give them one of your devices with a specific playlist to plug in? If so, make sure it is fully charged and it’s not a bad idea to have that playlist shared to an extra device just in case.

8 – Make sure that they have GOOD directions to the venue. That’s more important here in the NC mountains than it is in more populated areas where GPS actually works. If google maps or the GPS does not give them the right directions, let them know that so they don’t just mindlessly plug it in and roll… Also, if they aren’t from the Boone/Blowing Rock area, they may not know to allow ample travel time, especially during peak season. They also may think, “hey the venue is only 15 miles from Boone” and not realize that sometimes 15 miles translates into 45 minutes.

9 – If you are announcing the wedding party and bride and groom, provide them with the order that everyone is coming in and help them with any difficult pronunciations. Also tell them how you would like to be announced – Mr. and Mrs. John Smith….

10 – And for the love of God, if you don’t want them to do the thing where the person that catches the garter puts it back on the person who caught the bouquet, please tell them!!!

13 Tips for getting married in the NC Mountains


1) Bring a sweater or shawl and advise your guests to do the same, it gets chilly in the High Country at night no matter what season it is.

2) In addition to summer, peak season in the High Country is also the

"leaf season"

in October. Appalachian State's University's Homecoming game, the

Woolly Worm Festival

and other various events and Fall Festivals happen around that time so make sure you block off rooms for your guests well in advance.

3) The ground can be rocky so keep that in mind for your outdoor ceremony/reception when you're putting a runner, shepherds hooks or anything else in the ground...bring a hammer and some nails. I've definitely put down a runner with bobby pins and a blunt object before.

4) The weather in general can be very unpredictable in the Boone/Blowing Rock/Banner Elk areas, make sure you have a indoor back up plan just in case. A good local site to check out is

Ray's Weather

5) We don't usually have too much trouble with mosquitoes or no-see-ems in general but wait until the last minute to bring the


out if you're having an outdoor ceremony so no bugs get stuck to the cake. By the same token (and this might be obvious but I've seen it happen) don't put the cake in the sun, it will melt!

6) Yes it is possible to get married somewhere along the

Blue Ridge Parkway

in the North Carolina Mountains.  How it works is that you figure out where you want to get married and apply for a special use permit through the National Park Service.

"Activities such as sporting events, pageants, public spectator attractions, entertainment, wedding ceremonies, or large group gatherings require a permit. A $60 application fee is required and an additional $135 administrative fee is due upon issuance of the permit. A $60/hour monitoring permit is also charged during the event. Call park headquarters at (828) 271 4779 ext 246 for more information.

** Fees are subject to change.

If you want to get married on the Parkway and do not wish to have a large ceremony, then you may not need to have a permit. The permits are required for event gatherings of “many” people that would cause interference with the natural beauty of the Blue Ridge Parkway for other travelers."

-Information thanks to blueridgeparkwayblog.com

7)There are lots of

local farms

in the area. Ask your caterer if they can incorporate some local and or organic foods or flowers into your reception.



mostly bloom in June but sometimes a little later in the higher elevations.

9) Not necessarily a regional thing but...wedges instead of spiky heels are best if you're going to be outside (especially if you're in the wedding party, you don't want to sink into the ground going down the aisle).

10) The High Country can be


Take that into consideration with table decorations and make sure to bring double sided tape. Taping the tablecloth to the table in a few strategic places will help to ensure that your table decorations stay down. My advice is to use a little bit of double sided tape in the middle of the table once you have the table cloth straight and then 4 small pieces on the edge of the table.

11) Duct Tape, pens, bobby pins, safety pins, floral wire and tape, bleach pen, twine/rope, mints, a sense of humor.

12) Use the natural scenery of the area and the current season and let it flow into your decorating theme.

13) Don't stress!!!! Little mishaps happen there and there but that's what makes everyone's special day memorable and different. Focus on the positive and just have fun with your friends and family. The rest will work itself out.



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