2011 color trends for your NC Mountain Wedding.


The Boone Area of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina provide a picturesque backdrop for a beautiful wedding in any season. I find that most brides already have some colors in mind for their wedding without following the “latest trends” but it’s always fun to look and explore different avenues.

I love this palette from Michelle Mospens at My Personal Artist. Michelle does tons of research for her wedding sketchbook and this is only one of the palette’s that she has put together for this coming year.

There are so many ways to use color combinations to enhance the overall style and theme of your wedding but here are some of my favorites broken down by season:


: Color wise, spring comes late in the High Country. The trees don’t get completely lush and green until at least May here. My advice if you’re planning your wedding for April or May is to go with a soft palette and combine delicate touches with a lot of texture.

Favorite Spring Combos

: Oyster grey with pear and scallop shell.  Carrot orange with moccasin.  Persian green and antique white.


Summer is so so GREEN in the mountains. I love using vibrant colors and mixing in some additional greens to magnify the natural surroundings. Jewel tones are still “in” so don’t be scared to go bold for summer!

Favorite Summer Combos:

Tyrian purple and pear.  Jewel tones mixed with light or apple greens and neutrals make for a dreamy yet eclectic atmosphere. You have to be really specific with your blues this time of year or you’ll wind up competing with your background. Not to say that you should shy away from them. Teal or agate blue with apple green and some yellows or oranges can look fantastic!


Everyone knows that Fall is gorgeous in the NC mountains. Folks travel from all around just to gaze at the colors in the Boone area. You can use colors in two different ways in the fall. Either use a lot of greens and neutrals and one accent color to give the natural backdrop center stage or… piggyback on the leaves and use a few “fall colors” to give your event an autumn theme.

Favorite Fall Combos

: Dark chocolate and carrot orange.  Olivine green, moccasin and dark tangerine.  Pear and mocha taupe.


Texture and greenery. The mountains are sparse yet dramatic in the winter and early spring. If your wedding is during the holidays thinking about incorporating some rich reds and greens and don’t be scared of metallic golds and silvers. Also, winter is a good time to use those shades of blue since you’re not competing with the green all around you.

Favorite Winter Combos

: Sangria, oyster grey and grey taupe. Tyrian Purple and scallop shell with some green.  Persian green, asparagus and antique white.

The number one rule for color is to

have fun, use your imagination and “own it”.

That being said, it would be difficult NOT to have a beautiful wedding in the NC High Country.

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