Welcome to The Whole Shebang Frequently Asked Questions Page

As event planners our greatest joy lies in celebrating your stories. Bringing people together to share in moments that create life-long memories and strengthen community motivates us to create and innovate daily and continues to make our hearts happy.  We feel lucky to be a part of your story.

We are fixers and straight shooters. The Whole Shebang is a “drama free zone”. We’re always honest with you and are there to have the tough conversations with your vendor partners, renegade aunts and wayward groomsmen so that you don’t have to! We make problems smaller instead of bigger and work to find the most reasonable solutions in the moment.

We customize our staff to specifically fit your event. We are hard working and service industry driven. Our staff come from lots of different backgrounds but what everyone shares is a sparkling personality, rock solid work ethic and a great sense of humor. We love each other to pieces and have a family vibe that’s contagious.

The VIP Treatment

Taking care of the bride and groom on the big day is our top priority but we also want to make sure every single guest feels special and well taken care of. That’s why we bring a large crew of event managers on the day of the event. We’re there start to finish to do whatever it takes to get the job done including packing up your car and organizing rentals and cleaning up long after the guests are have said goodnight.

Every event is different. Some venues with full onsite personnel require less service from us and our pricing and staffing reflects that. Could we offer less service and charge less? Sure? Do we want to? No way!!! We want to walk out of every event knowing that we not only made the couple happy on their big day but that everyone attending the wedding feels like a VIP as well.

What if you’ve hired more staff than we actually end up needing for our event?

That’s easy, we send them home. You’re only charged for the staffing you actually need for that day. No strings attached.

Are Elopements and Super Small Weddings priced the same as “normal sized events”?

Typically we price small weddings on a case by case basis. Will your 12 person wedding cost $2000 for a Month Of Package? Probably not. If you’re a small wedding, just look past the general pricing on our services breakdown but do make note of the things you want within the packages and then give us a call. We’ll look at the moving parts and give you custom quote based on exactly what you need. Ps. Have I mentioned that we love small weddings?!

Do you Travel?

We love to travel. Well Meris is more of a homebody but finds it super fun to have a change in scenery every once in awhile. If your venue is located more than an hour outside of the “High Country” we take it on a case by case basis. If we think it makes the most sense for you to get a local planner instead of shipping us in we will definitely tell you! Also, Kelsey recently relocated to Charlotte and is now accepting weddings in the Greater Charlotte area as well as The High Country.

Does the 12 hour wedding day coverage count you driving to and from the venue?

Nope, as long as you are within 45 minutes from Boone, the drive time is on us. If you’ve requested that we pick up supplies or lunch or balloons on our way in then the clock does start when we hop in the car.

When do we pay you?

50% of your planner balance is due when you sign the contract and the other 50% is due 30 days out from your event. The only thing you’re left with at the end of the event is staffing and any incidentals that occur that day like running to the store for more wine or ice or picking up and paying for lunch etc.

Is my 50% retainer fee refundable?

It is not. 50% of your Planner Balance is due when you sign the contract. In the event that your wedding is cancelled, the retainer is non refundable once you book because we have marked it off of our calendar and fully plan on working that day. We have probably turned away other clients that date and just like you just like you, we need that money to keep a roof over our heads and feed our children and pets.

Is planning and staffing the rehearsal dinner included in my package price?

Nope but we would love to draw up a separate proposal customized to your event. We can absolutely give you some advice on where to host your rehearsal dinner in the High Country and give you the names of some great vendors within any planning package.

What happens if your planner dies?

I don't know. I'd like to believe there's something out there beyond just this world, but knows really? As for your wedding, We are part of a fantastic network of brilliant planners, most of whom are close friends. They would not hesitate to step in on a moment's notice if we needed them to, for ANY reason.

What if we need things done that are outside of what is normally included in a wedding package?

Need help dropping off your dry cleaning, delivering gift bags, making that last minute trip to the store, stocking the fridge in your rental cabin, picking up buckets of flowers, grabbing bar supplies etc? We can do that too! We have a $35 per hour errand fee so you name it and we can do it.

Why is my price higher than the "Starting Price" if my wedding isn’t at a “Full Service Venue” and what even defines a “Full Service Venue”?

A full service venue is one with an in house banquet staff and planner that takes the responsibility for a lot of the moving parts surrounding your event. Local examples of “Full Service Venues” are Country Clubs, Chetola, Crestwood, Eseeola, Westglow etc.

At a non full service venue not only is there more responsibility because we are essentially in charge of every moving part, It’s just a lot more hours on our end. We custom price each event based on your details and vendors and give you a ballpark on the amount of staffing you are likely to incur.

Is there anything you don't do?

We don't specialize in invitations and RSVP/Seating chart management. We can give you great tips and advice on who to hire and the easiest way to put everything together but it’s not our strength and if it’s not yours either, be sure to forgo the DIY/online route and sub it out to a company that specializes in that sort of thing. Meris’ DIY invitations said that her wedding was located in "Valle Crisis" instead of Valle Crucis so…. we don’t think you really want us in charge of that.

We prefer to not drive your car or any other vehicle that isn’t our own though we have been known to put the Bride and Groom in the back of our own car at the end of the night if we're the only sober adults available.

We also do not climb on ladders or any other precarious apparatus...we do carry insurance but think it’s best not to tempt fate.

Running your sound system or acting your “Master of Ceremonies” - We are only amateur public speakers, musicians and sound tech’s so there’s a lot of room for error there. If your brother’s friend wants to handle it then we will certainly coordinate with them and coach them throughout the day on where to be, what to say and when to say it.

We do not mail off your marriage license but typically your minister takes care of that.


More about Meris...in case the “About Me” section wasn’t enough…

Meris was born on Baldhead Island and therefore her name means “of the sea”... adorable right? She answers to anything closely resembling that name.

Meris shares the love of coffee, cooking, fall, wine, shoes, music, sandwiches and long walks on the beach (or mountains) with every red blooded american but does not like cake or bicycling.

She is a musical theatre grad but chose the country life over Broadway. Weddings are similar to directing children’s musicals so she feels that she is putting her undergraduate degree to good use. She has a large inventory of show tunes and jazz standards in her brain library but somehow manages to not spontaneously break into song during meetings or events.

She is a mom of 1 human, 1 dog and wife to a super cool, lanky, genius, mountain man who teaches children engineering and basic life survival skills. His interest are trivia, photography, the news, disc golf, soccer, grilling, tree houses and anything with wheels. They met working in a restaurant in Blowing Rock in 2005 and it was your typical front of the house/back of the house whirlwind romance fueled by booze, exhaustion and late night snacks.

Meris is the oldest of 4 sisters who all grew up landscaping for their parent’s company so naturally they all hit the road and got restaurant jobs the second they turned 15. They all currently have careers in hospitality.

In her spare time, Meris plays guitar, bass, banjo, egg shakers and the occasional tambourine in the local “difficult to define” band Handlebar Betty whose members also work with The Whole Shebang.

It’s a pretty great life. Lots of work and long hours on the weekends but a truly fulfilling existence. Meris didn’t dream of being a wedding planner from childhood and she didn’t walk around in her mother’s heels (because her mother didn’t own any) and dream of her prince charming and a big princess wedding but here we are..... An unlikely wedding planner seeking out awesome, fun loving, creative, outdoorsy couples who care more about each other than perfection. If you’re still reading, cheers to you. Give us a call!