5 Mistakes Newly Engaged Couples Make - NC Mountain Wedding Planning

You’re engaged, now what??? Well first, be sure to take an appropriate amount of time to relax, live in the moment and have fun being engaged. It’s one of the most exciting things that’s ever happened to you right?

When you finally get down to the actual planning you’ll want to make sure you come at it strategically so that you don’t jump the gun and box yourself into a corner by and making crucial decisions before you figure out the basics. Here’s a short list of things that could come back to bite you in the long run…

#1 – Setting a date before picking a venue

You will want to stay flexible on your date so that you have more options at your preferred venue. If you tell everyone you’re getting married on June 6th and then your dream venue is already booked for June 6th….you’re gonna be one Sad Sally.... Set out to look at venues with a range of dates in mind.

#2 – Choosing your color scheme before picking a venue

This one is pretty self explanatory. You don’t want your wedding colors to clash with what’s going on around you.

#3 - Casually inviting friends before sitting down with family to nail down a guest list/budget

This requires no explanation, just don’t do it! An added bonus for destination mountain weddings is that it’s easier to cut your guest list shorter than if you are getting married in your home town.

#4 - Choosing your wedding party before you choose your venue

A wedding party the size of a small army may not fit in the intimate chapel you just fell in love with. Wait to pop the question to all of your BFFs until you actually see the logistics of where you are getting married.

#5 - Hiring vendors before you decide on a real budget

Even if your heart set on that one perfect photographer, be sure you have the money talk with parents, fiancée and whoever else is contributing to the wedding before you allocate a large sum of money to anything.

Congratulations on your engagement and happy planning!!!